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HDR Brachytherapy


Reliability, Safety, and Performance in HDR Brachytherapy

The SagiNova® HDR afterloader was designed to address today´s needs for HDR brachytherapy applications regarding safety, seamless workflows and cost efficiency..
SagiNova‘s world-class technology is based on our innovative approach to incorporate customer needs into product development.

Miniaturized Iridium-192 and Cobalt-60 Source

BEBIG Medical provides the choice of two isotopes, Ir-192 and Co-60, according to individual institutional needs and preferences. Both sources are equivalent in size and have been in clinical use for more than 10 years. Due to the considerably longer half-life of five years and a certified 100,000 source transfers, more and more institutes choose the Co-60 source as it requires time to perform QA procedures related to source exchanges only every five years.

Exclusive: Integrated Real-Time In-Vivo Dosimetry System

The unique In-Vivo Dosimetry System allows direct independent monitoring of doses to rectum and bladder at the control console alongside treatment information. Dose limit values can be defined via the SagiNova® treatment control software and warnings are displayed if bladder or rectum dose limits are exceeded. The complete data is integrated in the treatment report for a convenient documentation. Since the system is operated directly from the SagiNova® treatment control station, In-Vivo Dosimetry is easily integrated into the treatment process with no additional equipment or screens.

Exclusive: QAssist – Guidance in Quality Assurance

The highly customizable tool QAssist supports physicists by defining and running site specific quality assurance protocols. Guiding the performance of these protocols, QAssist ensures streamlined and well documented quality assurance.

Exclusive: Automatic Length Measurement

By choosing an applicator in SagiPlan®, the length of the applicator and the overall length of the application are digitally transferred to the afterloader without requiring any manual input. Hence, the afterloader is able to validate the correct overall length per channel prior to each source movement. SagiNova® measures the internal length of the catheter or applicator allowing the user to review and complete acceptance while the unit completes a verification of the length before the treatment is delivered. The ultimate benefits of the Automatic Length Measurement are improved patient safety and peace of mind for clinicians when treating body sites such as head & neck, breast, and skin with flexible catheters or breast balloons.

50 Channel Support

As brachytherapy has evolved to more sophisticated applications, BEBIG Medical provides an afterloader to support even the most complex treatments with up to 50 channels.

Round-the-Clock Service Excellence

The BEBIG Medical technical support, including real-time remote desktop assistance, is available globally to ensure a timely response and optimal clinic uptime. To meet individual institutional needs, tailor-made service and support plans as well as education and training programs are available.

NEW in Version 2.1

BEBIG Medical is committed to providing regular updates to the SagiNova® software in order to incorporate customer feedback in a timely manner. SagiNova® version 2.1.4 is the latest update, adding editable test plans for quicker QA plan management, user-defined dwell position offsets for more individual quality control measures, editable user role names, user-defined audio feedback for various system statuses, an integrated source decay table and a source dongle to speed up source exchanges.