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Smart QA Data Management in Radiotherapy and Imaging

Increase efficiency in QA data management. Streamline your QA workflow with Track-it.

Anytime. Anywhere. Paperless

The documentation and management of QA data and reports is a time-consuming process which requires a lot of administrative work and ties up valuable resources in radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging departments.

As a browser-based data management software, Track-it manages all your QA data on one single, easy-to-access platform. By automating workflow steps, it saves you time and ensures data consistency across your organization.

  • Web-based application for quick access to all your QA data from anywhere in your network using desktop or mobile devices
  • Online or offline QA report processing, e.g., in treatment rooms without wireless network access
  • User-defined protocol templates to customize Track-it to the specific needs of your QA workflows
  • Full compliance with all major QA standards, including AAPM TG-142
  • Traceable documentation of all steps in your QA workflow, such as data entry, modification and reporting
  • Trend analysis over time and across multiple measurement or treatment devices with versatile display options
  • Digital logbook to store and retrieve entries and attached service documents for your radiation devices, e.g., manuals, service reports or images
  • Remote and on-site services for greater productivity right from the start

Track. Trend. Report.

Explore the advantages of a web-based QA data management solution for your everyday clinical work.

Effectively monitor QA data from multiple sources, devices or sites.

  • Track and manage all of your QA data efficiently on one single platform and share it within your organization
  • Export analyzed QA data from your PTW QA device to Track-it with the click of a single button. Add custom data manually or import external QA data via open XML interface – whenever you need it.
  • Easily access your data from any network device simply by using a standard web browser, e.g., Chrome™, Firefox®, Internet Explorer® or Safari®.
  • Effectively monitor and document your QA tasks as required by standard guidelines, e.g., AAPM TG-142 or DIN, using customizable protocol templates and smart Autofill functions.

Efficiently manage all QA data on one single platform.

  • Quickly access, browse and view QA data from any data source and from anywhere in your network.
  • Customize filters to restrict data selection and save your filters for future use.
  • Personalize your data view by adding and/or removing parameters or data types to see only the data that interests you, conveniently on one screen.
  • Click a specific measurement for more detailed information, e.g., related data points, measurement conditions or interactive mini charts that give you a quick overview of trends.
  • Immediately spot deviations of selected data types, e.g., CAX or symmetry.
  • Add and/or edit data manually.

Easily track changes over time to take action when needed.

  • Show trends of selected data types to recognize outliers and deviations from previously defined limits more easily.
  • Restrict data for chart display using custom filters.
  • Zoom in on any section of the chart to see the data trend over a shorter period of time.
  • Move the mouse over single data points in your trend graph to view measurement results and/or further details.
  • Edit and/or add comments to single data points.

Conveniently monitor your QA tasks and document their results as required, in less time.

  • Track the current status of your QA tasks (completed or open, pass or fail) from anywhere in your network.
  • Use predefined or custom protocol templates, e.g., for AAPM TG-142 or DIN, to quickly collect the QA data you need.
  • Save time by filling and/or updating your selected protocol automatically with the required QA data using Track-it Autofill.
  • Add and/or edit data manually and save it in the Track-it database.
  • Document results and print them for sign-off using preconfigured reports.
  • Access tips and/or guidance on how to perform a specific test via the Info icon.
  • Automatically archive completed protocols and retrieve saved documents any time you need them.